Dana Ellis

Mark Huerkamp

Virginia Nieland

Secretary (Interim)
Katherine Williams


Auction, Artists’ Liaison
Pat Hiott-Mason

Auction, Teachers’ Liaison
Laura De La Maza

Meredith Poston 

Inez Brown Crouch 

Poetry at McLeod
Katherine Williams

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James Island Arts - Directory of Artists


Charleston’s Western Islands are home to outstanding artists working in all genres. You’ll find information about them and their work in these pages.

Though James Island Arts was created to serve our James Island school community, including Johns, James, Kiawah, Seabrook, and Folly islands, we are delighted to also list artists "from off" to thank them for their generous investment in the cultural life of James Island.

Artists are represented according to the genre of work they’ve donated to our auction or advised us on. Many of these artists work across several genres, and you can find out more about them by clicking links to their websites.

If you are an artist wishing to join our community, contact us.

Index of Artists
Bill Aycock
Lee Barbour
David Bethany
Joanna Biondolillo
John Brewton
Lenora Brown
Sherry Browne
Katy Calloway
Karole Turner Campbell
Charleston Performing Arts Conservatory (C-PAC)
Lese Corrigan
Barry Cunningham
Ellie Maas Davis
Julia Deckman
Laura de la Maza
Jimmy Dowds
Frank Duvall
Linda Annas Ferguson
Elizabeth Fisher
Kate Rothra Fleming
Stan Foxworthy
Mary Edna Fraser
Richard Garcia
Roberta Gifford
Elizabeth Scheld Glynn
Billy Grayson
Kaysia Grow
Barbara G. S. Hagerty
Richard “Duke” Hagerty
Michael Hayes
Kendra Hamilton
Brad Henty
Pat Hiott-Mason
Henry Horres
Susan Irish
Kelly Kane-Wood
Arianne King-Comer
Ricky Koger
Catherine Lamkin
Ani Lees
Nina Logan
Kit Loney
Luckhaus & Brubaker
Sonja MacFarland
April Magill
Amanda McLenon
Gloria Meredith
Midtown Productions
Arthur Newman
Paul Nolan
Katie O’Brien
Marlene O’Bryant-Seabrook
Hampton Olfus
David Owens
Marsha Pardee
Herb Parker
Robin Patton
Jennifer Henriques Phillips
Chris Rutigliano
PURE Theatre
Kristi Ryba
Winifred Sanders
Nance Sneddon
Jerry Spencer
Dennis Ward Stiles
Lani Mustard Stringer
Quadre’ Stuckey
Marc Tannenbaum
Natalie Taylor
Wendy Temple
Alice Toler
Paul Vernon
Mary Walker
Joe Walters
White Duck Taco
Graham Whorley
Katherine Williams
Joe Zealberg